Multiple Intelligence Theory

Career Pathway uses a simplified version of Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences to divide career paths based on individuals’ personal strengths.

  • Body Smart (bodily-kinesthetic)
    People who have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence should generally excel at physical activities such as sports, dance, using their hands and controlling their body.
  • Music Smart (musical-rhythmic)
    People with a high musical intelligence can easily sing, play musical instruments, and compose music. They will also be sensitive to elements of sound including rhythm, pitch, and melody
  • Nature Smart (naturalistic)
    Able to recognize flora and fauna, and recognise other distinctions in the natural world. Nature Smart people with relation to one’s natural surroundings.
  • Number Smart (logical-mathematical)
    Often considered as critical thinks, Number Smart people are naturally good with numbers, math, reasoning, and logic.
  • People Smart (interpersonal)
    An ability sense to others’ moods, feelings, motivations, and will work well as part of a group or team.
  • Picture Smart (visual-spatial)
    Gifted with an ability to use the ‘mind’s eye’ to visualize things and have a strong spatial awareness.
  • Self Smart (Intrapersonal)
    People who have a deep understanding of oneself and will be able to predict one’s own reactions or emotions. They will often be introspective and self-reflective.
  • Word Smart (verbal-linguistic)
    Typically good at reading, writing, story-telling and memorizing details, Word Smart people are often good with words and learning languages.